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English 213 2.23.09 - I ntro to Fiction 02.23.09 1...

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Intro to Fiction 02.23.09 1. Similarity to Frankenstein a. Tale within a tale. b. Frame narrative. c. Even stories within the main frame narrative. d. Main message/moral/structure: stamped on the story at every level. They all repeat each other. e. Repetition i. Key organizing principles of narrative ii. One of the key themes of narrative. iii. i.e. Frankenstein: lamenting colonization of South America. Moment where they decide to send creature is South America even after they had been scolding it. 2. Repetition in Heart of Darkness a. Inevitablity of repetition. b. Marlow literally repeats Kurtz’ journey upstream. c. What is it that Kurtz discovered that corrupted him? i. P. 57, p. 65: Kurtz makes contact with something in Africa that corrupts him. But what was it?? ii. In order to find this out, Marlow literally traces out his footsteps. iii. Marlow says his own journey has a similar structure. 1. “It was the farther point of navigation and the culminating point fo my experience” – Marlow p. 7 2. Idea: at end of journey: the closer you get to meaning.
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English 213 2.23.09 - I ntro to Fiction 02.23.09 1...

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