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Gender Studies 10.07.08 - Gender Studies 10.07.08 1 Middle...

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Gender Studies 10.07.08 1. Middle class women strategic use of gender ideologies a. WCTU and NACW (Francis Willard) i. Accept contemporary ideas of proper roles but expand proper role for women to include much larger domain. ii. Accepted 3 critical aspects of gender ideologies 1. Men and women essentially different (men have masculine instinct of self preservation, women endowed with feminine instinct). a. Reminds of prescriptive literature during antebellum period. 2. Men and women suited to separate spheres. a. Used strategically because accept that women’s role is in the home, but extends to protect the morality of the nation as a whole. b. Progressive era Reformers (Hull-House) i. Women described as civic housekeepers: domestic duties prepare them to oversee political reformers required to meet effects of industrialization. ii. Housekeepers: Jane Adams 1. Women rather than men should be appointed to whole host of government posts. 2. By late 1800s women’s conceptions did not depend on religious language that Willard used, and much less concerned with morality of nation than civic problems. 3. Has nothing to do with primal feminine instincts. Reason women are naturally suited to social reform/work is practical experience she brings as a homemaker. a. Still depends on distinction of reproductive/productive, but different way of thinking about gender. b. This distinction used to broaden concept of domestic sphere even further. 2. WCTU vs. HULL HOUSE a. WCTU i. Rhetoric: religious language ii. Focus: moral tenor of the nation iii. Women’s duties: moral custodians of the nation iv. Women’s (unique) Attributes: feminine instinct b. HULL HOUSE i. Rhetoric: secular language ii. Focus: practical problems of Urban Life iii. Women’s Duties: “municipal housekeepers” iv. Women’s unique attributes: practical experiences as a homemaker 3. Progressive Era Protective Labor Legislation a. Muller v. Oregon
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Gender Studies 10.07.08 - Gender Studies 10.07.08 1 Middle...

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