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Gender Studies 10.14.08 - Gender Studies 10.14.08 1....

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Gender Studies 10.14.08 1. D’emilio’s Argument a. Summary i. Argues that gay/lesbian identity did not always exist, but is directly related to the emergence of a capitalism society. b. Domestic Economies System of “Free Labor” i. Household became understood as refuge from market place, rather than a site of labor. ii. Transformed child birth from labor that was critical to survival of household economy to a personal choice. Reproduction no longer tied to economic society. c. System of “Free Labor” Emergence of new Subjectivities (sense of oneself and of our place in the world) i. Why so late? Effects of this shift from domestic economy to free labor 1. Women working for decades before they gained the benefits that free labor entailed. 2. A. The Single Working-Class Girl a. Economic/social conditions that lead to “Pleasure-seeking Single Girl” b. “Charity Girls” c. Changes in working class households i. Reproductive labor was reduced so Reduced dependence on daughters ii. Technological improvements in living conditions 1. A lot less work put into cooking and cleaning 2. Higher wages for men meant less supplemental wages (that daughters brought in from piece work and factory work). d. Changes to Labor Market i. Affluence WWI occasioned higher wages ii. Whole new kinds of jobs created 1. Telephone/telegraph operators 2. Book keepers 3. Clerical works e. Increase in Commercialization
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Gender Studies 10.14.08 - Gender Studies 10.14.08 1....

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