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How to buy a computer Many times the first question one hears when we are going to buy a computer is "How much do you want to spend?" This is the wrong question, but the right do you want to do with your computer?". First of all, choose question is" what a specialty store ,For example, local computer builder retail chain or consumer electrics store, based on your hardware . Second, buy when you need to buy .No matter how long you wait for the best deal, the same configuration will cost less in 7 months. Then, decide which features you'll need based on what you're going to do
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Unformatted text preview: with the computer. For example, if you're going to be creating graphics, sound and video, you'll want plenty of RAM .If you're going to be doing heavy computational tasks such as watching video, you'll want a super processor. Next, decide if you want a laptop, which you can carry around with you , or desktop model. Fifth , determine additional drives you need :CD-ROM OR DVD-ROM. Choose the length of warranty or service coverage appropriate to your needs. Finally, always find out how much the shipping charges are before finalizing a purchase ....
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