M1 Key 2.2000

M1 Key 2.2000 - LS4lec2midterm1,Feb7,2000 1(20 pts a Draw...

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LS 4 lec 2 midterm 1, Feb 7, 2000 SHOW ALL YOUR WORK FOR FULL CREDIT! 1. (20 pts.) a. Draw the Punnett square for the cross of Aa Bb dd x aa Bb DD. b. How many genetically distinct gametes will be produced by a plant heterozygous for the wrinkled, tall, axial flower and yellow seed genes? 16 c. Upon selfcrossing, a hybrid plant produced 90 tall plants with axial flowers, 30 tall plants with terminal flowers, 30 short plants with axial flowers and 10 short plants with terminal flowers. What is the plant's genotype? Tt Aa d. Describe the inheritance of this rare trait (filled symbols in the pedigree below). Is it dominant or recessive, autosomal or X linked ? autosomal dominant If Amy and Bob marry, what is the chance  their first born child will be affected? zero 2. (20 pts.)a. Mike and Sue each have a sibling with the albino condition, known to be rare and recessive.  Draw the pedigree below. They want to have three children. What is the chance all will be albino? 2/3x2/3x1/4x1/4x1/4 = 1/144
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b. If their first child is albino, what is the chance one but not both of their next two children will be albino? 2x1/4x3/4 = 3/8 c. Sue's mother's father was recorded as being colorblind, an X linked recessive trait. What is the chance that  Sue's three children will have one colorblind and two with normal vision? 1/2x3x1/4x3/4x3/4 = 27/128
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M1 Key 2.2000 - LS4lec2midterm1,Feb7,2000 1(20 pts a Draw...

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