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vision_handout - CS221 Challenge Problem Object Recognition...

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CS221 Challenge Problem: Object Recognition and Tracking 1 CS 221, Autumn 2007 Object Recognition and Tracking You should work in teams of 2-3 for this project. Some important dates: You must form a team by Sunday, October 14 . Send us an email with your team details, as described in Section 3. You should also email us by this date if you want to define your own project. The deadline for the milestone is Tuesday, October 23 . The final program submission deadline is Thursday, December 13 . (no late days) The final project competition will be on Friday, December 14 from 12:15-3:15pm. The written report is due on Friday, December 14 , 11:59pm. (no late days) All deadlines are at 11:59pm unless specified otherwise. You may use late days on the milestone 1 , but not the program submission or the writeup submission, to allow us to run the competition and complete grading in time. 1 General Description This handout describes one of the two challenge problems for this course. These challenge problems have been picked to be quite open ended and you are encouraged to experiment with different ideas, algorithms, functions and so forth. Indeed, those teams that do explore will most probably do better in the competition. Honor Code: You may consult any papers, books, or online references for ideas you may want to incorporate into your strategy or learning algorithm, so long as you clearly cite your sources in your code and your paper. However, under no circumstances may you look at anyone else’s code or incorporate their code into your project. 2 Challenge problem 2: Object tracking and recognition In this challenge problem, you will build an object recognition and tracking program. The program should identify and label all occurences of 5 objects (mug, stapler, keyboard, clock, and scissors) in each frame of a given video clip. You will be given several labeled still images of each of these objects as training data (similar to those in Table 1), and several labeled short videos to run experiments on. During the final competition, your program will be evaluated on similar but unseen videos, as described in Section 6.1. 1 Please note that late days taken by your team will count against each team member’s supply of late days; for example, if you take 2 late days then each member of your team will be charged 2 late days.
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CS221 Challenge Problem: Object Recognition and Tracking 2 Table 1: Sample training images for a mug. 3 How to Start Don’t worry if, at the moment, you don’t understand all of the concepts mentioned in this handout. The new topics will be covered in class. Review this document and the associated code. The code is in directory /afs/ir/class/cs221/vision/code/ Pick a name for your team and send an email to [email protected] in the following format by Sunday, October 14 at 11:59pm: To:[email protected] Subject:Vision Project Teams:Cardinals Team Name: Cardinals Team Member1: Joe Smith <[email protected]> Team Member2: Jane Doe <[email protected]> ...
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vision_handout - CS221 Challenge Problem Object Recognition...

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