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Iteration, Repetition, Indefinite While Loop Description This simple program askes for 2 numbers from the user and computes the sum of those numbers. It repeats this activity (loops) as many times as the user wants to. It illustrates these new concepts: 1. while loops (indefinite loops) 2. using an input data item as a signal to end looping 3. named constants 4. boolean variables Input User will supply 2 numbers, one at a time when prompted. Output The program will print to the screen the sum of the two numbers multiplied by 5.
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Unformatted text preview: Termination The program will end after the user gives a pair of numbers where the first is 0. Notes Test for equality Note that in the "if" statement, we compare the value of the variable "first" to 0. We are testing it for equality, and the boolean operator for equals is "==". A common error is to use "=" to compare for equality, but "=" is the assignment operator and if you use that in a boolean expression your program will give erroneous results....
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