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Syllabus _BM_09Au_8903_MW1030-1118 - The Ohio State...

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The Ohio State University School of Physical Activity and Educational Services EDU PAES 143.01 Badminton (1credit) Instructor: Amy Kim Office: PE A020 Mailbox: PE A011 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 am to 12:00 pm and/or by appointment Class Number: 8903 Class Location: RPAC PE 0060 (Basement) Meeting Time: Monday and Wednesday 10:30 am – 11:18 am(Autumn, 2009) SFHP Website: Course Website: Course Description The purpose of this course is to provide the student with beginning level knowledge and skills in badminton, such that the student would be able to successfully participate in recreational badminton as a lifelong activity. Relationship to Other Courses This is a basic activity course in the Sport, Fitness, and Health Program. It is open to any student at The Ohio State University. There are no prerequisites for this course. Course Objective The student will be able to: Demonstrate appropriate use of badminton equipment. Execute several different shots commonly used for badminton. Engage in game play demonstrating knowledge of the rules and etiquette of badminton. Engage in game play demonstrating knowledge of strategies for singles and doubles game play. Work cooperatively with classmates in practice and game play situations. Show improvement to general physical fitness through participation in badminton. Off Campus Field Experience This course does not have an off-campus experience. Diversity The curriculum and experience is designed, implemented, and evaluated in a manner that promotes the acquisition and application of knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to help all students learn. 1
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Technology The use of web technology will be employed in this course for the dissemination of course materials such as syllabus, handouts and course notes. Additional means of communication between the instructor and students is available through the use of web-based e-mail. Course Outline Week Date Schedule Week 1 September 23(W) Introduction and discussion of syllabi Week 2 September 28(M) Racket handling and footwork September 30(W) Overhead Strokes: forehand and backhand Week 3 October 5(M) Clear: overhead, underhand October 7(W) Serves; game rules Bring your study guide (game rules) – on Carmen Week 4 October 12(M) Drop shot: overhead, underhand October 14(W) Return of Serve Week 5 October 19(M) Smash October 21(W) Game (Doubles) Week6 October 26(M) Drive October 28(W) Game (Doubles) Week 7 November 2(M) Game (Doubles) and advanced techniques November 4(W)
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Syllabus _BM_09Au_8903_MW1030-1118 - The Ohio State...

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