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Racquetball Exam Review - 7 Know about the racquetball...

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Racquetball Exam Review (15 questions, 2 points each for a total of 30 points) 1. Know what a fault means and be able to name all the examples. 2. Know what an out means and be able to name all the examples. 3. Understand the scoring for a regular game and a tie breaker game. 4. What are the different faults/outs for doubles? 5. What is the order of serving in doubles? 6. Know what a hinder is and be able to name examples.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Know about the racquetball court. What do the service box, doubles box, service line, short line, and receiving line mean? 8. Where does the receiver stand during a serve? 9. What is cutthroat? 10. Know the correct components of a forehand or backhand stroke. 11. Know how to do a proper lob and drive serve....
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