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Guidelines for Yoga Final Project AU07

Guidelines for Yoga Final Project AU07 - 2 Reason(s you...

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CHU PAES 195.01 Yoga 1 AU07 Guidelines for Yoga Final Project: 1. The final project MUST be typed and single sided. Please use 12 point and Times New Roman font. 2. The project should be stapled in the top left hand corner and should include your name, the course number and title, the assignment title, and the date submitted on the front page. Do not use plastic covers or folders. 3. Choose your 5 favorite yoga poses and include the following components for each pose: 1) A picture for each pose (1 point): you can draw the pictures, download the pictures from the website, or take pictures of yourself practicing the pose. If you download the pictures from the website, you MUST cite the reference at the end of the project. When citing the reference, include name and URL of the website.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Reason(s) you choose the pose (1 point) 3) The benefits associated with practicing the pose (2 points): list at least 2 benefits of the pose. 4) Feelings about practicing the pose throughout the quarter (2 points): how do you feel when practicing the pose for the first time and after practicing the pose for several weeks. Points will be deducted for any missing component. 4. The final project must be turned in during class in WEEK 9. A 15% of total score of the project will be deducted for late submissions. Do NOT send the project to me via email. Only hard copy will be accepted. You can turn in the project before deadline by placing the project in my mailbox in Room A11 PAES Building, or turning it to me during class....
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