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Engineering 367: Major Paper #2 Major Paper #2 will be an argumentative essay on technology and some aspect of gender, ethnicity, equality, access, regionalism, or democracy in American culture. One of these keywords should be included in your thesis . Several possible topics are suggested below, but you are welcome to propose another topic of more interest to you—topics linked to current events are ripe for cultivation. Statements you make in the first draft and final draft of the paper that are factual must be supported by an outside source and must be accompanied by a citation. Statements you make that are argumentative (generalized claims) must be supported by evidence (statistics, expert testimony, scientific/historical facts, established truths, specific personal experiences—not necessarily your own). GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: 8-10 sources including a minimum of two scholarly resources, a book, and an interview or radio/TV/video resource must be integrated into the mix of 8-10. (This is to say, not all www resources)
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