Major Project 1 Assigned

Major Project 1 Assigned - ENGINEERING 367: AMERICAN...

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E NGINEERING 367: A MERICAN A TTITUDES A BOUT T ECHNOLOGY MAJOR PROJECT #1 Major Project #1 is a team activity that has two primary components: a storyboard and paper. You will choose a historic landmark in your field (this usually isolates the inception of a particular technology), explore its history and analyze American attitudes about it. Your team’s paper should include five sections: 1) a brief history of the technology or landmark + identification of patent information, 2) consideration of how the technology was received by/impacted the American populous (old newspapers, magazines, and other resources will be helpful for gauging the initial response and ensuing shifts), 3) changes in the technology, 4) related concerns or problems connected to the technology, and 5) an analysis of how the transitions in American attitudes connect with changes/problems with the technology. Your team’s storyboard should include: 1) two or three photos or visuals to inform each section of the paper, 2) extremely concise, scripted text that could serve as a voice over for the visuals (limit 100 words per section) You may use the Word samples provided on Carmen to format your storyboard. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS:
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Major Project 1 Assigned - ENGINEERING 367: AMERICAN...

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