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APA FORMAL PAPER ISSUES Oesch-Minor 367 FORMATTING —generally these are consistent with APA (my requests for no cover page and the agenda are exceptions) Be sure to name an audience in the agenda in papers for my section of 367. Maintain 3 rd person. Pick a tense and stick to it (past works well for MP#1). One inch margins (WORD default setting is 1.5—you need to change this by visiting File/ Page set up/ margins); 12 point font; double space only. If you’re looking for the biggest font, it’s Arial. The sources section in APA is titled References The paper title (or a shortened version of it) and the page number should be in the top, right corner of each page . In WORD, go to Insert/ Page numbers/ Position: Top of Page/ Alignment: Right—Then go to View/ Header and Footer/ click on the align-right tool from your tool bar and type the title. This will place the title and page number on every page, including page 1. Ideally the numbering should start on page 2, but most faculty will overlook this as long as you do not place a number on a cover page. Reminder: no cover pages are needed for my sections of 367 (save the trees). WRITING COMMENTS: A thesis is one sentence: create the perfect thesis and make sure it’s in paragraph one. (Sometimes it’s the first sentence, other times it’s hiding in the middle of the paragraph, but most often it’s the last sentence of paragraph one.) The “Theme” is dead the moment you leave basic English classes . . . bury it and its opening techniques. Open with the trouble
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This note was uploaded on 11/30/2009 for the course ENGINEER 367 taught by Professor Minor during the Spring '09 term at Ohio State.

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