BRIC 6 - permanent alterations to memory and emotions. This...

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BIOE 120 Chapter 6 6.21-6.23 6.21.3 Why are stem cells able to maintain the ability to form many kinds of tissues? Suggest ways to use this ability. Answer: Stem cells can still be zygotes, and therefore, have not developed into a specific kind of cell yet. This allows for stem cells to have the ability to form many different kinds of tissues. This ability could be used to create tissues that people may be in need of.
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For example, if someone needed a liver transplant, instead of waiting on a donor, a new one could potentially be created using stem cells. Application: Using stem cells to replace nerves, so that paralysis victims could be able to move around freely again. 6.22.24 What is the function of the blood-brain barrier? Answer: The function of the blood-brain barrier is to protect the central nervous system through the exclusion of large molecules that could cause infection or stress if these large molecules came in contact with the neurons. Infections or stress on the neurons can cause
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Unformatted text preview: permanent alterations to memory and emotions. This barrier is produced through the selectivity of tight junctions that lie between the endothelial cells in the blood vessels of the central nervous system that restrict the passage of certain large solutes that cant otherwise diffuse through the cells membrane, like oxygen. Application: In addition to environmental stress, molecular stress from chemicals and large molecules can have a serious and permanent impact on a developing brain. 6.23.5 How are high failure rates related to component redundancies? Answer: The more redundant components that there are, the lower the failure rate will initially be, but with time, all the components will fail because they are imperfect. Application: Without death, there would be no reason to pass on one's genetic material....
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BRIC 6 - permanent alterations to memory and emotions. This...

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