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BIOE120, Chapter 3 Questions 3.6.8 Why does it make sense that lower molecular weight fats are located in the peripheral areas of the body? Answer: Lower Molecular weight fats are located in the peripheral areas of the body because lower molecular weight fats have lower melting and boiling points, so they need to be cooler than the human body is, so they are located in peripheral areas. Application: 3.7.3 When the vapor pressure of a liquid has reached an equilibrium, what changes of state of that liquid are still occurring? Answer: When the vapor pressure has reached equilibrium, the liquid is still evaporating,
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Unformatted text preview: so there is a change from liquid to gas. Application: If you place plastic wrap over hot water, the water will evaporate onto the plastic wrap, and you will see water droplets. 3.8.1 Of what commercial value are heat shock proteins? Answer: Heat shock proteins are of high commercial value, since in areas of extreme temperature, they can be essential to life. Application: Heat shock proteins can be given to plants to ensure survival through intense heat....
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