review2 - GEOG 3561/5561 Review for Exam 2 The second exam...

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Unformatted text preview: GEOG 3561/5561 Review for Exam 2 The second exam for GEOG 3561/5561 will be in class on Tuesday, November 17. The exam will start promptly at 6:00pm and you will be allowed the entire 75 minutes, though it is likely most will finish in an hour or less. There is no lecture meeting next Thursday. Format . The exam is worth 85 points, somewhat more than the first exam. The exam will not be longer, though the answers will be worth more points. The format will be similar to the first exam, though there will be no scan sheet (what a pain that was!). There will be twenty multiple-choice or matching questions, each worth 2.5 points (50 points), six to eight short problems or fill-in-the-blank questions (about 2 to 4 points each; total 20 points), and five to ten short-answer questions (15 points total) that will that require a phrase, a short list, a sketch, or an example. Complete sentences will not be necessary. Remember the “2+2 = 3, 4, or 5” rule: answers will be marked incorrect even if the correct answer is given, but shrouded by incorrect or irrelevant information. Content . The primary source for your studying should be your notes and the power point slides from class. You are responsible for material covered through class on Tuesday, November 10. However, these slides will be insufficient for the greatest success on the exam; you will need to refer to your notes and the readings (see below) to cover the material for which you will be ultimately responsible. The QDJs give a good idea of the level and extent of the questions that you might see on the exam. Please come talk to me (or send an e-mail) if you are uncertain about the answers to the QDJs. You will not be held responsible for material covered in lab, including techniques of ArcGIS, though the concepts covered in lab are fair game to the extent that we talked extensively about them in lecture. A detailed list of content you are responsible for (and the lectures from which they come) is below. Readings . The (scattered) readings relevant for each lecture are listed below. The book, as you have found, isn’t ideally suited to the ordering or the level of the course, but there is some important information therein. I encourage you to at least skim the chapters listed and read carefully sections that explain things in lecture that you don’t...
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This note was uploaded on 11/30/2009 for the course GEOG 3561 taught by Professor Robedsall during the Spring '09 term at Minnesota.

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review2 - GEOG 3561/5561 Review for Exam 2 The second exam...

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