LPE1_F09_review - LabPractical#1ReviewSheetFall2009

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Lab Practical #1 Review Sheet – Fall 2009 Practical Dates: Oct. 20 th , 21 st , 22 nd , and 26 th   The first lab practical will test the concepts covered in Labs 1 through 4. The practical  will be worth 20 points. To help with your preparation, listed below are tools and  processes that you may be asked to demonstrate familiarity with. Use this guide in  conjunction with the labs themselves for your studying. Be aware that this list may not  comprehensive, so be sure to actually go through the labs rather than simply run down  these items. 1. Set up a local working folder (c:\temp) 2. How to Add Data (what if the directory doesn’t appear among the options?) 3. Change colors/symbology of layers Assigning different colors according to an attribute of a layer (such as  state names) Labeling features Adding a halo to labels 4. Use the Select Features 
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This note was uploaded on 11/30/2009 for the course GEOG 3561 taught by Professor Robedsall during the Spring '09 term at Minnesota.

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LPE1_F09_review - LabPractical#1ReviewSheetFall2009

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