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Unformatted text preview: Global Mortality Global HP 400 Lecture 4 Global mortality, disability, and the contribution of risk factors contribution This is a burden of disease study This that looks at disability adjusted life year (DALY). what do disability adjusted life years what (DALY) tell us? DALY: sum of life years lost due to sum premature mortality and years lived with disability adjusted for severity Major risk factors of mortality and morbidity and Malnutrition Poor water supply (sanitation, Poor hygiene) hygiene) Unsafe sex Tobacco Alcohol Occupation Major risk factors of mortality and morbidity and Hypertension Physical activity Illicit drugs Air pollution Results Results 90% of worldwide burden of disease 90% occurs in developing countries; only 10% of health care funds are spent in these regions these The worst burden of disease was The noted in sub-Saharan Africa and India India Results Results Communicable, maternal, and Communicable, nutritional disorders are most common in: common – sub-Saharan Africa – China – Latin America – Asia – Middle eastern crescent – Caribbean Results Results • Non-communicable diseases (e.g., Non-communicable cancer, CHD, neuropsychiatric disorders, musculoskeletal diseases) are most common in established market economies market • Injuries are an important source of Injuries burden in all regions of the world burden Leading causes of DALY in market economy market Alcohol use Osteoarthritis Lung cancer Dementia Suicide Chronic obstructive disease Top three causes of burden in market economy market Ischemic heart disease Unipolar major depression Cerebrovascular disease Leading causes of DALY in developing regions developing Lower respiratory infections Diarrhea disease Prenatal disorders (low birth weight) Discussion Discussion Childhood disease continue to be an Childhood important cause of premature mortality in developing countries mortality Risk factors include: poor water sanitation pediatric malnutrition poor hygiene Discussion Discussion Neuropsychiatric problems are a Neuropsychiatric major source disability major more prevalent in developed countries high prevalence of major depression relatively high prevalence of suicide Unintentional and intentional injuries traffic accidents, falls, war injuries, traffic violence, self-inflicted injuries violence, Discussion Discussion In the low mortality regions, women In have greater life expectancies which might be due to differential use of: might tobacco alcohol injuries occupational hazards ...
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