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HW_6_t-tests - Answers

HW_6_t-tests - Answers - HP340 Fall 2009 Name DUE Feb 25th...

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HP340: Fall 2009 Name:________________________ DUE: Feb. 25th Show all work and clearly indicate your answers. You may use the back of your homework if necessary, or you may add pages to this document. An example conclusion is: “t obs = - 2.67, t crit = 2.10, since |t obs | > 2.10, then I reject H 0 and conclude that drug X does influence blood pressure. Drug X appears to decrease blood pressure.” Homework #6 (T-tests) 1. A psychologist believes the lateral hypothalamus is involved in eating behavior. If so, then electrical stimulation of that area might affect the amount eaten. To test this, 10 rats are implanted with chronically indwelling electrodes. Each rat has two electrodes, one in the lateral hypothalamus, and another in an area where electrical stimulation has been shown to have no effect. After implantation, the rats are stimulated in each area for 30 minutes, and the amount of food eaten (in grams) is shown below. Food Eaten (g) Subject Lateral Area Neutral Area 1 10 6 2 18 8 3 16 11 4 22 14 5 14 10 6 25 20 7 17 10 8 22 18 9 12 14 10 21 13 a. What is the alternative hypothesis? Electrical stimulation of rats in the lateral hypothalamus affects the amount they will eat compared to a control stimulation of a neutral area b. What is the null hypothesis?
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