Chapter 9 Recitation Intermolecular Forces

Chapter 9 Recitation Intermolecular Forces - Georgia...

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Georgia Institute of Technology | CHEM 1310 | Fall 2009 The three phases of matter that we should consider are solids, liquids, and gases. This recitation will focus specifically on solids and liquids and the types of attractions observed within those phases. Solids, Liquids, and Gases The figure illustrates the most common phase changes; however, two others exist. The transitioning of a solid to a gas is also possible for select compounds under specific conditions. This process is known as sublimation and the reverse process is known as deposition Phase changes are NOT chemical changes because the atomic makeup of the chemical is not changed in the process. These changes are called physical changes. . Solid – definite shape Liquid Gas Intramolecular vs. Intermolecular Forces Intramolecular Forces are what we typical denote as chemical bonds (covalent or ionic). These are the forces that exists between the atoms within a molecule. Intermolecular Forces When determining trends in solids and liquids, we first look at the intramolecular force and then we analyze the different types of intermolecular forces that could be present. are the forces that exist between two or more different intact molecules. SOLID Liquid Gas Fusion Vaporization Freezing Condensation
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Bonding Forces Intramolecular Forces includes Ionic Bonding With the strongest being involves Electrostatic Interactions Arising from Electron Transfer yielding Cations and Anions With the weaker being Covalent Bonding Which have Intermolecular Attractions includes Which are influenced by Polarity if Polar if has Dipole-Dipole Interactions Nonpolar has Dispersion Forces Polarizability caused by Electron Cloud
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Chapter 9 Recitation Intermolecular Forces - Georgia...

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