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1 Fall 2007 EXAM VI Name:__________________ Dr. Marcotte CH339K UT EID: ________________ ** SHOW WORK FOR COMPUTATIONAL PROBLEMS OR NO CREDIT!! ** R = 8.314 J/mol . K; F (Faraday constant) = 96,480 J/V . mol 5 pt (1) (a) As you read this question, you are (presumably) consuming oxygen. What single reaction ( i.e. , which enzyme or complex) accounts for most of your oxygen consumption? cytochrome oxidase (Complex IV), which catalyzes the final step in which O 2 is converted to H 2 O by electrons from the respiratory chain. 5pt (b) Patients in shock will often suffer from lactic acidosis due to a deficiency of O 2 . Why does a lack of O 2 lead to lactic acid accumulation? A decrease in the amount of O2 will necessitate an increase in anaerobic glycolysis + fermentation for energy production, leading to the generation of lactic acid. 10 pt (2) Consider a liver cell carrying out the oxidation of glucose under aerobic conditions. Suppose that we added a very potent and specific inhibitor of the mitochondrial ATP synthase, completely inhibiting this enzyme. Tell whether each of the following statements about the effect of this inhibitor is true or false. If false, explain in 1 sentence or less why it is false . (2 pt) ___F___ ATP production in the cell will quickly drop to zero (2 pt) Flux will be increased through glycolysis to make ATP (2 pt) ___T___ The rate of oxygen consumption by the cell will decrease dramatically (2 pt) ___F___ Flux through the citric acid cycle will be increased to make up for lack of ATP synthase activity (2 pt) The citric acid cycle depends on electron transport and ATP synthase to derive energy. Inhibiting proton transport backs up the electron transport chain, leading to accumulation of NADH & inhibiting the citric acid cycle. (3) During photosynthesis, the following reaction is carried out by chloroplasts:
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ExamVI_Fall2007_key - Fall 2007 Dr Marcotte EXAM VI CH339K...

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