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1 Fall 2007 EXAM IV Name:__________________ Dr. Marcotte CH339K UT EID: ________________ ** SHOW WORK FOR COMPUTATIONAL PROBLEMS OR NO CREDIT!! ** R = 8.314 J/mol . K; F (Faraday constant) = 96,480 J/V . mol 10pt (1) For each of the following pairs of ions or compounds, circle the more highly reduced species . (a) NADH / NAD+ NADH (b) Fe 3+ / Fe 2+ Fe 2+ (c) ethanol / acetaldehyde ethanol (d) pyruvate / lactate lactate (e) O 2 / H 2 O H 2 O [Subtract 2 points for each one wrong.] 8pt (2) Circle the 4 appropriate choices: Cells regulate the concentrations of reduced & oxidized NAD & NADP in order to be maximally efficient. In particular, the NAD + /NADH ratios are held ( high / low) and are coupled to ( catabolic / anabolic) reactions, while the NADP + /NADPH ratios are maintained (high / low ) and are coupled to (catabolic / anabolic ) reactions. 8pt (3) Along similar lines, associate each of the following with being a characteristic of either catabolic (C) or anabolic (A) pathways. ____ activated by high [ATP] A ____ uses NADPH A ____ oxidative C ____ generates NADH C 4pt (4) Which of the following molecules is directly involved in an enzymatic step which results in oxidation? A. fructose-1,6-bisphosphate B. dihydroxyacetone phosphate C. glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate D. phosphoenol pyruvate E. glucose-6-phosphate
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2 (5) A new microorganism is found that uses hydrogen (H 2 ) to reduce pyruvate in order to provide energy. This reaction is coupled to the phosphorylation of creatine to give creatine- phosphate. [Note: assume biochemical standard state, pH 7 for this problem.] The standard reduction potentials and free energy of phosphate hydrolysis are:
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ExamV_Fall2007_key - Fall 2007 Dr. Marcotte EXAM IV CH339K...

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