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Front low vowel is tense in NYC before codas made up of nasal and a voiceless: dance, half, can’t, past, bath (also some morphological conditioning: didn’t apply to proper names) Newark did not have this tensing sixty years ago. But now it has tense low front vowel before all the previous and: man, stand, cash, cab, mad, badge, flag Labov, Transmission and Diffusion, Language 2007 Contrast this to terms for doughnut like krueller Innovations introduced by children Where input to child is uniform: analogy/folk etymology, word by word change—example chauffeur ~ chauf but not entrepreneur~entrepren Where input to child is variable: systematic reanalysis/simplification, regular change Classical theory of language change that locates it in geographical dialects that are in communicative isolation expects some constant rate of linguistic drift. Classical dialect studies surveyed older rural
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Unformatted text preview: male speakers to see into the past. If language change is causal connected to contact of language varieties, we expect most change in and around urban sites because there is more encounter with social stratification and with varying contexts of speech. This kind of work focuses attention on urban children or young people to see change in progress. . Pidgin: a rudimentary language, usually just a lexicon, typically involved in trade or commercial contexts. Fanagalo is a modern pidgin used in South African mines where laborers . Many of its lexical items come from Zulu. Creole: When children hear a pidgin they expand it into a full blown language within a generation. Colonial contexts in the 18 th and 19 th centuries produced these. Textbook has examples of Creoles. Social solidarity as motive for variation in language use is interpretative....
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