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441 hour exam 3 - VS 441 Hour Exam#3 1 A panicky owner...

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VS 441 Hour Exam #3 1. A panicky owner calls to say she walked into the barn to find her 20 year old QH gelding in distress with green foamy discharge from both nostrils. What is the most likely cause for this? 2. What advice would you give to the owner? 3. What viral respiratory pathogen is also capable of causing abortion in pregnant mares? 4. What are two equine diseases which are reportable to state animal health authorities in Massachusetts? 5. What is the typical presentation of a case of “strangles”?
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6. What is the “Coggins test” a test for? 7. How would you differentiate between a mild colic which would likely resolve with conservative medical therapy from a surgical colic? 8. What is a common serious sequel to retained placenta in the mare? 9. Why would you want to do a fluoroscein stain before instituting treatment for equine recurrent uveitis? 10. In devising a vaccination schedule for the horse, why would one want to consider the season?
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