AN 243 Exam 1

AN 243 Exam 1 - useful in calculating diets? 7. Concerning...

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AN 243 Equine Nutrition, Spring, 2006 Hour Exam #1 2/8/2006 Name__________________________ Questions are worth 10 points each. Partial credit will be given. Pick any 10 questions, or answer all 12 for extra credit. 1. What is a carbohydrate? How are carbohydrates primarily utilized by the horse? Give an example of a feedstuff used as a carbohydrate source. 2. What is a protein? What are 3 ways proteins are utilized by the horse? What is one reason proteins are not a primary source of energy in equine diets? 3. What is an essential amino acid? Give one example. 4. If you were asked to formulate a diet for a horse, what are 2 things you would need to know about the horse in order to properly formulate it? What difference would these factors make?
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5. What is one major advantage of providing fiber in the horse’s diet? What is one drawback to fiber? 6. How does the gross energy of a particular feedstuff differ from the digestible energy? Which one is more
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Unformatted text preview: useful in calculating diets? 7. Concerning water, what are 2 factors that will increase the water requirements of a horse? What is one detrimental effect of inadequate water availability? 8. What part of the digestive tract is primarily responsible for the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates? What is one detrimental effect of providing too much carbohydrate in the diet? 9. What is body condition scoring? Why is it useful? 10. What is one consequence of inadequate dietary protein? Why are fats and oils not commonly used as protein supplements? 11. What is one contributing factor in the development of equine gastric ulcers? What is one way of using diet to minimize the occurrence of gastric ulcers? 12. What is the difference between structural carbohydrates and non structural carbohydrates? Which ones are better for the horse?...
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AN 243 Exam 1 - useful in calculating diets? 7. Concerning...

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