AN 243 Exam 4

AN 243 Exam 4 - AN 243 Exam #4Take Home Due at or before...

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AN 243 Exam #4—Take Home Due at or before the final exam 1. Geriatric horses, like other geriatric animals, often have multiple health problems due to age. What considerations would you need to make when devising a feeding program for a 25 year old horse with pituitary dependent Cushing’s disease? What would be some feedstuffs that might be useful? What would you want to avoid? 2. Endurance competitors are somewhat fanatical about the diet and management of their horses. Most of them feed electrolytes. Why would this be a good idea? When might it be a bad idea? Why do endurance riders avoid feeding alfalfa on a routine basis? Why do they like beet pulp so much? 3. Purina makes a feed called “Equine Junior” which they claim is all that you need to feed a weanling in order to meet his nutritional needs. Based on the limited amount of information on their website: Is this stuff a good idea? Why or why not? 4. A new boarder moves into your barn. She arrives with no fewer than 3 different supplements for her horse. They include: Mega-Sel Guaranteed Analysis Vitamin E. ............. Min. 50 IU/oz. Selenium (Se). ....... Min. 1.00 mg./oz. (0.003%) Mega-Sel is a unique compound of Selenium Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) for equine dietary supplementation. Each ounce contains 2.25 mg of Sodium Selenite (Equivalent to 1.03 mg of Selenium) and 50 IU of Vitamin E as dl-alpha- tocopheryl acetate. The Selenium source is greater than 99% pure. The Vitamin E source is 100% biologically available. Administration
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AN 243 Exam 4 - AN 243 Exam #4Take Home Due at or before...

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