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LIN200 Assignment #3 *This assignment is due Thursday Nov 12 Nov 3, 2009 *You must have your name, ID, and TA names on your assignment paper. Spring 2009 1. There are various terms floating around in the world (and particularly in the US) for people who speak Spanish, or for those who can trace Spanish in their heritage. These terms are not even clearly defined for the Spanish speakers themselves, nor for non-Spanish speakers who are labeling them. What do you think the terms Hispanic, Chicano, Latino , or Spanish mean? Are they each used differently and by whom? Would people from Peninsular Spain (Europe) label themselves as Hispanic , for example, on an application that required them to select which “Ethnicity” they were? Or would they choose something else? *(you can use personal experience, our course readings/lectures, or other sources in trying to make your case) 2. There is still debate between creolists and dialectologists as to the origins
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