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MKT131 Exam Fall 2009 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Each question has answer choices a-e. 1. Which of the following is NOT a marketing management philosophy? a. sales orientation b. societal marketing orientation c. market orientation d. profitability orientation e. production orientation 2. Fujifilm Computer Products has improved the efficiency and productivity of its plant, which manufactures printing technology. For the new fiscal year, the company projects a production increase of 25 percent. It has instructed its sales force to aggressively distribute and promote its printers. The CEO is sure the market will absorb more product if the sales force is determined and assertive. Fujifilm appears to have a _____ orientation. a. market b. production c. sales d. customer e. marketplace 3. The manufacturer of Omega brand watches has a market orientation and adheres to the marketing concept. Which of the following describes the first action the company would most likely take if it learned its customers were dissatisfied with its watches? a. hire more salespeople b. decrease its organizational overhead c. increase its advertising to underserved markets d. increase the number of jewelry stores that carry Omega watches e. conduct research to determine if its customers' needs have changed 4. Rose is a telephone order taker for Brylane, a catalog retailer of furnishings for bedrooms and baths. A customer called and asked if the sea green in a bedspread she had purchased matched the green in a lamp offered in the newest Brylane catalog. Rose got the potential customer's phone number, went out to the warehouse, located the items, determined they did not match, and called the potential customer to tell her that information. Rose’s actions illustrate a(n) _____ orientation. a. societal b. market c. sales d. production e. one-to-one 5. The management at Canadian Pacific (CP) Hotels has authorized its hotels' staffs to provide whatever amenity-- such as a special magazine or a hypoallergenic pillow--their frequent stayers request as quickly as possible. CP management uses _____ to provide customer value. a. training b. deregulation c. empowerment d. commissioning e. mediating 6. Dofasco, Inc. is a Canadian steel manufacturer. According to its CEO, "People can make a phenomenal difference if you stop telling them to come to work, put their brains in a box, and do whatever the supervisor says. We let our employees work in teams." Teamwork would benefit Dofasco by: a. enhancing employee performance b. doing away with the need for empowerment c. creating managerial entropy d. refining the definition of customer value e. doing all of these 7. One way to identify the orientation of a firm is to examine its primary goal. If a firm seeks to achieve profitability through sales volume, it would probably be: a. promotion-oriented b. price-oriented c. sales-oriented d. production-oriented e. retail-oriented
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fALL09eXAMemail - MKT131 Exam Fall 2009 Multiple Choice...

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