L2041-01 - Worksheet 1 Basics Maple is an interactive...

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Worksheet 1: Basics Maple is an interactive symbolic computations program. This means that users actively interact with the program by typing Maple code, and getting responses from the program. A Maple session consists of a user opening the program and interacting with it. In this way a record of the session is created; input alternated with output. This constitutes a "worksheet " that may be saved to be accessed, updated and changed at a later time. (In the lab, your worksheets may be saved to the Q-drive). In Maple 12 there are two different "modes" for displaying a worksheet. The first is the " worksheet mode ", and the second is the " document mode ". This worksheet is in "worksheet mode". You can open a "document mode" worksheet by opening the "File" pull-down menu above, and selecting either "Worksheet mode" or "Document mode" under the "New" option. There are differences between worksheet and document mode in Maple 12, and you should explore these. I am more comfortable working in "worksheet mode", for a variety of reasons, but you can decide which interface suit you better. Consider these two modes: Worksheet Mode Maple input in a worksheet consists either of "text" (usually displayed in a default black text, such as this) and you can invoke it by [cntrl-shift-j] to insert text below or [cntrl- shift-k] to insert text above the current position of the cursor. Text input is grouped on the left hand margin by a stretched square bracket "[" into a "group", which organises the worksheet in "groups" or "elements". Mathematical input in Worksheet mode is input at a "prompt" ">" in red characters (this is the default). This kind of input is organised in an "execution group", which is created by [cntrl-j] (for below the cursor) or [cntrl-k] (for above the cursor)], and the input is typed at a prompt sign ">". All Mathematical input in an execution group is completed by a semi-colon ";" or by a colon ":". The difference between these is that a semi-colon allows output from the Maple-engine to be printed to the screen, while the colon suppresses all output (this is useful if there are thousands of lines of output).
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Here is an example of Mathematical input in Maple Input Display: > 5; 4: > Observe that there are two lines of input, and that one can move to a new line by [Shift- Enter]. For example, the input above was typed by the following key-strokes: 5; [Shift-Enter] 4: Notice that the mathematical output is centered and in blue. Only the "5" is displayed, because it was input using a semi-colon, while the "4" is surpressed as output because it was input using a colon. Document Mode Document mode in Maple presents better looking worksheets. The underlying organisation is similar to that of worksheet mode, but there are no prompts ">" for mathematical input, no explicit grouping of elements , and the display engine is better. For example, fractions displayed in worksheets have the form
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L2041-01 - Worksheet 1 Basics Maple is an interactive...

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