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Astro Again2 - Last time Debris Iay and Rocky Read section...

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Last time: Debris: Iay and Rocky Read: section 14:10- plutinos and page 395-396 on meteor showers The SUN (Part 3 of the course) In lectures: data posing questions and universal issue Idea: sun considered as an example of a star Homework: Local Details -Sunspots/ outer structure Universal issues: Interior structure How does it work Mass Sun = 1.99 x 10^ 30 kg = 330,000 M earth = 1000 M Jupiter Radius sun= 696,000 KM= 109 Radius Earth = 10 Radius Jupiter Average density: 1-4 g/ cm^3  Jovian Density Composition -Book- 74% H2, 25% He, 1% other Overall 71%H2, 27% HE, 2% other Looks Like a vast Jovian Ovject Questions? Why aren’t jovians Stars? How big has a jovian got to be before becoming a star Answer: Jovian less than or equal to 8% Mass Sun is a star Sun has layers Core (2x 10^5km) radiation zone convention Zone Core energy is being generated Radiation zone energy is transferred outward by radiation
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Convection zone “”””””””””” by convection Outter Layer (Photosphere) layer from which the light breaks free T= 5800K Temperatures 15.6 x 10^6 K,, density in core = 160g/ cm ^3 Granules have hot air rising and lower air moving down Temperature and density goes down the father you get from the core How do we know this?????? Helioseismology (I.e earthquakes) -Sun vibrates/ oscillates—and you measure with high precision Sounds and combinations of pitches Combination of vibrations interior structure of sun Recall: resonances—natural frequencies of vibration
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Astro Again2 - Last time Debris Iay and Rocky Read section...

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