Econ 2 final

Econ 2 final - Changes in moving aggregate demand To curb...

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Econ 205 Final Review Fig 11-11 Fig 11-12 Chapter 12 Put emphasis- what is consumption function? Consumption is function of income C=F(Y) Y=C + S S= F(Y) Invention of John Kents who came up with aggregate demand. Aggregate demand is C+ G+ I Consumption, government spending+ Investment Pg 306 Pg 307 aggregate supply and demand graphs Fig 12-7 Relationship between aggregate demand and something Pg 308 for a graph. Unemployment. Chapter 13 Fiscal policy- 2 types: 1) discretionary fiscal policy- changing taxes and government spending to increase to full employment 2) built in automatic stablizer fiscal policy. Fiscal system is tax system Pg 320 2 graphs, shifting in aggregate demand7o-p Fig13-1 Fig 13-1b Expansionary fiscal policy
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Unformatted text preview: Changes in moving aggregate demand To curb inflation Chapter 14 What is defecit What is surplus What is balanced budget Political lag What is money, and what is functions of money Pg 366-367 Medium of exchange, standard of payment, What is the money supply? M1 M2 M3 M2 + C Askance and liability Pg 381 federal reserve system Pg 382 what are the functions: secondary functions Collection of checks Federal repository reserve Bank works as fiscal agent Pg 395 Frb open market evaluation Page 407 open Market Chapter 17 Pg 425 tools of monetary policy Open market operation Quota system + tariffs Pg 861 Table 34-2 Major items of balance of payments...
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Econ 2 final - Changes in moving aggregate demand To curb...

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