4-2-08 - 4-2-2008Keyshaun JohnsonPerception becomes a...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-2-2008Keyshaun JohnsonPerception becomes a reality for all players now..s if people see you doing something that isnt football related its that youre a Hollywood guy. Things get changed by the mediayou have to be football first all the time.For professional athelets who wanna be celebrities, dont take on new friends or new people into your crewthat way he knew they wernt gonna say anything, and because then no one is going to get into your business.-keep a tight group of friends.-The mike vick case is a perfect case. Because he didnt have the right people around him.-Placshle thinks that what happened to mike vick was wrong, but he deserved what he got because he was the face of the NFL.-Keyshaun- kobe is as square as a pool table- he thinks that the dress code is a good thing in the NBA, but guys are way too tatted up. Its crossing the line when they say they cant get tattoos or they cant have some friends....
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