04-16-08 - 04-16-08 Scott Boras: lawyer can have a...

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04-16-08 Scott Boras: lawyer can have a relationship with a player, but an agent cant. Stan Morrison questions :what is your definition of success in 30 seconds or less. Fred Claire….director of bull Durham, Owning a sports team is about increasing the value over time, the payout comes when you sell the team…not along the way. In 2001 yankees had 218 million dollars in local revenue, 9.7 million for the expos… that’s a huge difference. Impotrant stories for this week Baseball’s drug policy changed: top 200 prospects must test for steroids, they will be eligible but teams will be notified Chine tries to solve its brand X blues. No signing bonus for the riffraff…dodgers thing An ad amoung the Ivy Digital age brings challenges to players Drafts power broker operates anonymously in Florida Buckners appearance marks end of an error Teams trying to get out of top draft positions Weekly woodens No one is an overachiever AL Michaels One of two sportscastors to be a play by play hosts of the championship of 5 sports 1989 world series -Both of his kids went to USC -Ozwald the lucky rabbit was traded for AL Michaels -No one is tied to any one cable or broadcast network. In those days the networks would pay you a premium to have you exclusively -first met bill buckner when he was doing minor league baseball in Hawaii. Has a long history with bill. In the 1986 ALCS which got the Red Sox into the world series…he had a hairline fracture in is ankle, which may or may not have led to his fault. If he was 98% of the other players he would have been put on the unable to perform lists -The media killed Bill buckner because he shouldn’t have been blamed for the loss…he was forced to move out with his family, the man became a recluse, Bill buckner got screwed by the Media-by the constant references to him. -The goalie for Canada, who is brilliant, went to oxford and will be a guy that is the
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04-16-08 - 04-16-08 Scott Boras: lawyer can have a...

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