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3-27-08 - NCAA TOURNAMENT-roy Williams of UNC angry that...

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3-26-08 NCAA TOURNAMENT -roy Williams of UNC angry that his players slipped on the logos on the floor of a gym. The problem is there is too much value in that - Stories to Read Wall street journal- Romeo Miller coming to USC. The article about Davidson Curry How the dodgers owner got his financial lineup in place In endorsements, no Athlete is a Sure thing The handout on baseball. Katherine Hieland PR major. Graduated in May Interned at Tiger woods foundation Internship with Lakers with community relations…how she met Kobe Bryant… Got another opportunity with zambieze ink half way through senior year, after she graduated she got a full time offer to work for Kobes basketball camp, and then she was given the opportunity to be Kobe’s PR rep and that’s what she does now….Communications managey/ publicist for Kobe Bryants private Staff She handles every media request that kobe gets…sports publications, and filter
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