1-30-08 - 1-30-08Quiz5 or six short answer questions on...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-30-08Quiz5 or six short answer questions on basic issues discussed.Clippers ChaosClippers are having troublesDunleavy/ Donald Sterling ConflictDunleavy told to lie to media and say everything is ok.You need a consistant organizational philosophyMost organizations is GM that does the speaking for the team.Hockey team Coyotes puts name on golfers shirtThey think its a good way to market teamExamples of business in sports I.e logo of hockey team on a golfers shirtImportant stories for QuizClippers storyEconomics of superbowlAds in superbowlpros and cons of advertising at superbowlArticle about andy petttitte will discuss Clemens, lawyers sayWhat is the story Roger Clemens is telling, and what is the story that Trainer says---- does anyone change their story--- will not be prosecuted for buying or using steroidsprolly going to retire so baseball cant really do anything.Arbitration process---certain numbers of years of serviceif the panel doesnt settle, the panel chooses one or the other----if you win your team is upset at you, if you lose you are upset at your team.Naming Rights storyWhy is sports more attractive way to advertise your productCurt Flood- father of free agencyCollege football money ballReggie BushReceived a new car/ Three Thousand dollars a week.Lloyd Lake was the man thatThey started a sports agency- NEW ERA sports.Micheal Micheals helped star the businessThen They bought hima house for 750,000 dollarsHis parents left the house and took 12,000 dollars in furniture, that belonged to new era...
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1-30-08 - 1-30-08Quiz5 or six short answer questions on...

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