2-28-08 - 2-27-08Next week we will talk about the Mid...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-27-08Next week we will talk about the Mid Term.Pete Carol is coming next week. Dont miss it.Congressional committee will decide by the end of the week to decide if Clemens permitted perjury Loose Lips sink shipsAll the NBA deals could have not happened if other teams got involved. Potential Road blocks for General ManagersWomen in sports and mediaSo few women is significant front office positions. Such as personal jobs and suchSemi ProUsc promoting the new moviethey have the dance team wearing uniforms, spots on the big screen,prize packs4 teams, san Antonio, Denver,Is everything a commercial these daysNike free tuition shootoffWhat is the main purpose of title 9? Prohibits discrimination by sex and gender, not just for sports but including sportsThe affect that title 9 has hadThe idea was to level te playing field between men and womenAchieve Gender EquityWhat are the 3 key criteria to determine if a team is inline with title 9.Can cause you to lose funding.Scholls must provide scholarships in proportion to participation rightsMale and female atheletes must be treated equal as access to sports medicene, training staff care, how they traveltreated equality in a variety of waysThe proportion of femal to male athelets have to be proportional to the percentages of males and females coming to the schoolShelly SmithESPN just hired Bob KnightPrint journalism major newspapers, ended up at sports illustrated, got a job at ESPN who taught her everything about tv, it all differentIs very willing to help young peopleThe students for this classIts never comfortable to go into a locker roomA woman had to sue to get into the locker room, and have the same ability as men...
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2-28-08 - 2-27-08Next week we will talk about the Mid...

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