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final exam lecture review

final exam lecture review - Intro to Hotel Ops Final Review...

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Intro to Hotel Ops Final Review Page 1 of 9 Lecture 7 How is the hotel organized into functional areas? o Functional organization fosters efficiency, teamwork, and coordination within the departments, however the success of the hotel is measured by its overall performance (customer satisfaction and profitability), not the performance of one department How hard is it to run a hotel? o Provide owners with reasonable return on investment o Keep guests satisfied and returning o Keep employees happy MANAGEMENT o Hotels are compelx operations with high interdependency of departments o Management structure/department heads Smaller properties Larger properties and luxury properties o Because of the amount of reciprocal and sequential interdependence between hotel departments, close cooperation and coordination is essential Reciprocal interdependence: individual units provide each other with inputs Sequential interdependence: the output of one unit becomes the input of another o Effective management calls for close coordination o No where is this more important than at the department head level where the differences in functional specialties are most extreme o The vehicle often used to foster communication EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE o Hotel Executive committee o Front office organizational chart o Housekeeping organizational chart THE MANAGEMENT PARADOX
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Intro to Hotel Ops Final Review Page 2 of 9 o A traditional hotel organization has a hierarchial structure o GM o Department Heads o Managers/Supervisors o Associates o There is definite function to the hierarchy Those at the top are responsible for setting: mission and vision, values and goals The management team sets the vision and the deram of where the hotel is going and how good it is going to be The PARADOX…. You need to turn it upside down for implementation o At the top is the customer, they are the reason the hotel exists This focus on our guests creates alignment throughout the hotel Our mission is to ensure that every guest leaves satisfied and wanting to return, thus ensuring customer loyalty (empower employees, make them feel proud!) The job of the supervisors, managers and leadership Support the front line and remove the barriers to doing good work Lead and help people do their jobs better Managers support the front line by Demonstrating sincere concern for associates Solving problems quickly and fairly Above all, treating associates with dignity, kindness, and respect
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final exam lecture review - Intro to Hotel Ops Final Review...

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