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Useful Cornell Information

Useful Cornell Information - busy during finals week...

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Useful Cornell Information Helpful Websites www.schedulizer.com : use this site when registering for classes, you just check off the classes you want to take and it lists every possible set of classes. www.coursehero.com : If y ou upload some of your own notes to this site you get a free subscription. It is a great source for old prelims and notes for classes www.gradeguru.com : similar to the site above. Student center – use this to find your schedule, grades,etc. Good places to eat on/off campus Collegetown : CTB, Aladdins, Plum Tree (saki bombing), Aladdins, Jason’s for ice cream, Collegetown candy and ice cream (Tasti D-Lite), . . Green café looks good but kinda sucks and is WAY overpriced. On campus: Manndible café : located in Mann library on the Ag Quad (this is also the HumEc library), they only take cash/credit/debit but their food is great and they have the best coffee on campus. SO
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Unformatted text preview: busy during finals week. Terrace: probably one of the best a la carte places. Known for their salads (the line gets to be 40 deep during prime lunch time), located in the Statler. Trillium- in Kennedy, they sell pretty much everything. West Campus Dining Halls: since you guys are on the meal plan I highly recommend you try out one of the west campus dining halls for dinner one day (cook house is by far the best)… the food is really good and it is more of a homey atmosphere than RPC. Commons: Moosewood: good vegetarian food, kinda pricey Just a Taste: ***BEST RESTAURANT IN ITHACA*** tapas style food that changes daily. This is just some useful information that I thought you guys might want. If you have ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT ANYTHING (AND I MEAN ANYTHING) please don’t hesistate to call/email/facebook me. Have a great orientation week and freshman year! Ilana...
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Useful Cornell Information - busy during finals week...

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