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Enzyme Bio100L - Determining the Optimum pH and Optimum...

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Determining the Optimum pH and Optimum Temperature for an Alpha-Amylase Enzyme ( Corpulentus Martitus ) Lenell Davis BIO 100L. Nov 05, 2009. Introduction The two most common amylases in nature are alpha-amylase and beta-amylase [1]. Alpha amylase is the most prevailing and can be found in many living organisms [1]. Beta amylase tends to be more prevalent among bacteria, yeast and mold [1]. Amylase enzymes are used to metabolize starch into sugars like glucose and maltose [2]. This information can be used to set up an assay to find the best concentration of alpha amylase to use for testing. The assay in use is the Wohlgemuth assay. The Wohlgemuth assay establishes that iodine changes from yellow to blue when starch is added [2]. This will be used to determine, indirectly, how much starch amylase consumes. It is known that most enzymes operate efficiently within certain pH levels and temperatures [2]. Corpulentus maritus is the name of the alpha-amylase in question. We will use the best alpha-amylase concentration to determine the optimum temperature and optimum pH of Corpulentus Maritus . Materials and Methods Four test tubes were used as controls- two for the positive control and two for the negative control. The positive control contained 1 ml of maltose (10mg/ml), 2 ml pH 7.0 buffer
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Enzyme Bio100L - Determining the Optimum pH and Optimum...

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