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Engineering 45 Lab 2 - Engineering 45 Lab 2 Phase Diagrams...

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Engineering 45 Lab 2: Phase Diagrams Sample #2 Introduction to Mechanical Properties Lab Section 103 Riti Gupta Partners: Lena Luu GSI: Matt Sherburne 09/30/09 1
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Introduction : The purpose of this lab was to understand how phase diagrams can be made from cooling curves of different alloy compositions and to recognize that these different alloys can be compared at the microstructural scale. Different compositions of an alloy have different cooling curves, and the composition of a specific alloy can be determined from this information. Phase diagrams are very helpful and are used for numerous reasons. They are dependent on the temperature and composition of an alloy. These diagrams show where the equilibrium state is for different phase stages of an alloy. The eutectic point is the point where all the different phase stages of a composition intersect and coexist, thus the eutectic temperature is the temperature where all three phases are in equilibrium. Cooling curves help create a phase diagram for a composition. However, when deciding the properties of a certain composition, just looking at the cooling curve won’t provide you with all the information you need. Different compositions may have the same cooling curve. Therefore, in order to find out more information, the microstructure of a composition needs to be determined. The microstructure, combined with the cooling curve of the alloy, provides you with the properties of the alloy. Procedure
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Engineering 45 Lab 2 - Engineering 45 Lab 2 Phase Diagrams...

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