chem 3a lab3 - Riti Gupta/Chem 3AL/ Section 112 Experiment...

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Riti Gupta/Chem 3AL/ Section 112 Experiment 4 : Whittling Down the Possibilities: Identifying an Unknown Using Molecular Dipole Moment, Solubility, Density and Boiling Point Data Part 1 : For the unknown samples 1E-4E, only 2E and 4E had a noticeable divergence when they were near the charged rod. 4E had the most significant amount of divergence, indicating a significant dipole. Sample 1E completely had no divergence and 3E didn’t have a large enough one to be counted, but there could have been a very small one. This means that unknowns 2E and 4E have a dipole moment and unknowns 1E and 3E do not. Part 2 : When mixed with .5 mL of water, unknowns 1E, 3E, and 4E were insoluble, meaning that there were separation of layers between the water and the unknown. Only 2E mixed thoroughly with the water, indicating that 2E was soluble in water. Therefore, now 1E does not have dipole and is insoluble in water, 2E has a dipole and is soluble in water, 3E has no dipole and is insoluble, and 4E has a dipole and is also insoluble. Part 3 : After adding the top layer of the mixture obtained in Part2 to 10 mg of NaCl and mixing it in a watch glass, it was found that for 1E and 4E, the NaCl does not dissolve. This means that the top layer was the unknown, meaning that it is less dense than water. Since it is known that NaCl dissolves in water, anything that will not dissolve NaCl is the unknown. Therefore, for 3E, the NaCl did dissolve, meaning that the top layer of that mixture was water, thus the unknown is
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chem 3a lab3 - Riti Gupta/Chem 3AL/ Section 112 Experiment...

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