chem 3a lab 9 - + Centrifuge separatetube acetaminophen Add

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Centrifuge resulting solution and transfer the supernatant (liquid solution) with pipette to a clean test tube. (residue at bottom o Add a small amount of dichloromethane to the crushed material in a test tube and stir until m Crush the Excedrin pill into a fine powder using a metal clam Caffeine, a nitrogen base, will be protonated by the H + from the H 2 SO 4 through an a Add 1 N sulfuric acid drop-wise to supernatant while stirring until solution is ac To separate the acetaminophen from the inactive ingredients, add hot water to the residue – the acetaminophen will dissolv Centrifuge the test tube with the solution and precipitate, and use a pipette to transfer the liquid solution containing the aspirin to a The protonated caffeine will precipitate in the solution, leaving behind the aspirin still dissol Riti Gupta Chem 3AL Piper Klemm Section 112 Experiment 9 : What do You Take for Pain? Discussion : In order to successfully isolate naproxen from the sodium naproxen found in the Aleve pill, acid-base chemistry had to be taken place. The active ingredients that were insoluble in water were isolated through centrifuging, and the aqueous sodium naproxen supernatant was cooled in an ice bath, which dissociated into positively charged sodium ions and negatively charged naproxen ions since sodium naproxen is dissolvable in water. When 1 N sulfuric acid was added, another acid-base reaction took place between the naproxen ion and the sulfuric acid. The naproxen ion in the aqueous solution acted as a base and was protonated by
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chem 3a lab 9 - + Centrifuge separatetube acetaminophen Add

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