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Chemistry 103A Study Outline for Examination IV July 7, 2003 Examination IV will cover material from Chapters 8 (Covalent Bonding) and Chapter 9 (Molecular Structures). The exam will run for 55 minutes, and you will need a calculator. The emphasis will be on problem solving. Most questions will be similar to those in the practice problems, the examples worked in lecture and in the text chapters. You may bring one 3x5 card with notes on it (both sides) to the exam. YOU MUST BRING YOUR STUDENT PHOTO ID TO THE EXAM! ______________________________________________________________________ COVALENT BONDING Relate bond energy to bond length (Section 8.6). Use bond enthalpies to calculate the enthalpy of a reaction (Section 8.6). Predict bond polarity from electronegativity trends (Section 8.7). Use formal charges to compare Lewis structures (8.8). Use resonance structures to model multiple bonding in molecules and polyatomic ions (Section 8.9). Explain why there are exceptions to the octet
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