10a-section-1-soluti - private void removeChad turnRight checkPunchCorner checkPunchCorner turnLeft Removes any chad from the corner in front of

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Mehran Sahami Handout #10A CS 106A September 30, 2009 Solutions for Section #1 Based on a handout by Eric Roberts /* * File: VoteCountingKarel.java * ---------------------------- * The VoteCountingKarel subclass cleans out the chad from * a ballot as described in the section handout. */ import stanford.karel.*; public class VoteCountingKarel extends SuperKarel { public void run() { while (frontIsClear()) { move(); if (noBeepersPresent()) { removeChad(); } move(); } } /** * Removes any chad from a ballot, which consists of beepers * in the squares to right and left of Karel's current position.
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Unformatted text preview: */ private void removeChad() { turnRight(); checkPunchCorner(); checkPunchCorner(); turnLeft(); } /** * Removes any chad from the corner in front of Karel. The * precondition is that Karel is facing one of the corners * that represents a punch hole in a ballot; the postcondition * is that Karel is on the same square but facing in the * opposite direction since it has just come out of the hole. */ private void checkPunchCorner() { move(); while (beepersPresent()) { pickBeeper(); } turnAround(); move(); } }...
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