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TA + Load diagram

TA + Load diagram - CIVE 317 STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING I Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: CIVE 317 STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING I Fall 2003 Class Test #5 (lasttl) Friday, 21 November 2003 SOLUTI'OH NAME m. MARK: PM The figure below represents a typical floor of a museum. The central portion of the building is a technical opening used for stairways. Simple connections (no moment is transferred)areusedbetweenjoistsandgirdeisandbetweenallbeamsandoolumns. Indicate neatly on Figure 1 the tributary area corresponding to each typical element (5 beams and 2 columns). (1 marks) . Figure! Sketch the load diagram of beam P5 for TOTAL FACTORED LOADS, assuming floor loadsqp= 4.3kPaanqu= 4.8kPa. Clearlyindicatethemagnimdeandpositionofthe load(s)onyoursketch.(3marks) "2f : Q'Kgd +;,g5(_) X _ ...
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