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CIV 207 – Winter 2009 Assignment #2 Friday, January 17th Complete the first three questions. Submit your work to Box #5 on the 4 th floor of the MacDonald building by 12 noon on Tuesday January 2 th . No late submissions will be accepted. The second set of three questions are for practice only. Groups of up to 3 members are permitted. Clearly print your names and student numbers on your submission. Ensure that the submission is properly stapled. 5.8 A solid brass [ E = 100 GPa] axial member is loaded and supported as shown in Fig. P5.8. Segments (1) and (2) each have a diameter of 30 mm and segment (3) has a diameter of 16 mm. Determine: (a) the elongation of segment (2). (b) the deflection of joint D with respect to the fixed support at A . (c) the maximum normal stress in the entire axial member. 5.30 A load of P = 170 kN is supported by a structure consisting of rigid bar ABC, two identical solid bronze [E = 100 GPa] rods, and a solid steel [E = 200 GPa] rod, as shown in Fig. P5.30. The bronze
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