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A6 - shape are shown in Fig b Consider the entire 18-ft...

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CIV 207 – Winter 2009 Assignment #6 Friday, February 13 th Complete the first three questions. Submit your work to Box #5 on the 4 th floor of the MacDonald building by 12 noon on Tuesday March 3 rd . No late submissions will be accepted. The second set of three questions are for practice only. Groups of up to 3 members are permitted. Clearly print your names and student numbers on your submission. Ensure that the submission is properly stapled. 8.16 . The cross-sectional dimensions of a beam are shown. The internal bending moment about the z centroidal axis is M z = +270 lb-ft. Determine: (a) the maximum tension bending stress in the beam. (b) the maximum compression bending stress in the beam. 8.22 . A flanged wooden shape is used to support the loads shown on the beam. The dimensions of the
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Unformatted text preview: shape are shown in Fig. b. Consider the entire 18-ft length of the beam and determine: (a) the maximum tension bending stress at any location along the beam, and (b) the maximum compression bending stress at any location along the beam. 8.50 Two steel plates, each 4 in. wide and 0.25 in. thick, reinforce a wood beam that is 3 in. wide and 8 in. deep. The steel plates are attached to the vertical sides of the wood beam in a position such that the composite shape is symmetric about the z axis, as shown in the sketch of the beam cross section. Determine the maximum bending stresses produced in both the wood and the steel if a bending moment of Mz = +50 kip-in is applied about the z axis. Assume E wood = 2,000 ksi and E steel = 30,000 ksi. For practice 8.17 8.36 8.45...
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