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A9 - shear force V that can be supported by the box beam...

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CIV 207 – Winter 2009 Assignment #9 Friday, March 13 th Complete the first three questions. Submit your work to Box #5 on the 4 th floor of the MacDonald building by 12 noon on Tuesday March 24 th . No late submissions will be accepted. The second set of three questions are for practice only. Groups of up to 3 members are permitted. Clearly print your names and student numbers on your submission. Ensure that the submission is properly stapled. 9.16 A 5-ft long simply supported wood beam carries a concentrated load P at midspan. The cross- sectional dimensions of the beam are shown. If the allowable shear strength of the wood is 80 psi, determine the maximum load P that may be applied at midspan. Neglect the effects of the beam’s self weight. 9.40 A wooden box beam is fabricated from four boards, which are fastened together with nails, as shown. The nails are installed at a spacing of s = 125 mm, and each nail can provide a resistance of V f = 500 N. In service, the box beam will be installed so that bending occurs about the z axis. Determine the maximum
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Unformatted text preview: shear force V that can be supported by the box beam based on the shear capacity of the nailed connections. 9.51 A W310 × 60 steel beam (see Appendix B) in an existing structure is to be strengthened by adding a 250 mm wide by 16 mm thick cover plate to its lower flange, as shown. The cover plate is attached to the lower flange by pairs of 24-mm-diameter bolts spaced at intervals of s along the beam span. Bending occurs about the z centroidal axis. (a) If the allowable bolt shear stress is 96 MPa, determine the maximum bolt spacing interval s required to support an internal shear force in the beam of V = 50 kN. (b) If the allowable bending stress is 150 MPa, determine the allowable bending moment for the existing W310 × 60 shape, the allowable bending moment for the W310 × 60 with the added cover plate, and the percentage increase in moment capacity that is gained by adding the cover plate. . For practice 9.30 9.37 9.53...
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