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CIV 207 – Winter 2009 Assignment #12 Friday, April 3 rd Complete the first three questions. Submit your work to Box #5 on the 4 th floor of the MacDonald building by 12 noon on Tuesday April 14 th . No late submissions will be accepted. The second set of three questions are for practice only. Groups of up to 3 members are permitted. Clearly print your names and student numbers on your submission. Ensure that the submission is properly stapled. 12.66 Consider a point in a structural member that is subjected toplane stress. Normal and shear stresses acting on horizontal and vertical planes at the point are shown. (a) Draw Mohr’s circle for this state of stress. (b) Determine the principal stresses and the maximum in- plane shear stress acting at the point. Show these stresses on an appropriate sketch. (c) Determine the normal and shear stresses on the indicated
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