transf_boost - G pretty(G1boost) pretty(G2boost) p VVs=9;...

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% % Evaluacion de Funciones de Transferencia para Pulsador Boost % % Daniel U. Campos Delgado % % 16/Nov/2003 % syms R C L Vo Vs s U s A=[0 -(1-U)/L;-(U-1)/C -1/R/C]; B1=[(Vo)/L ; -Vo/R/C/(1-U)]; B2=[1/L ; 0]; C=[0 1]; C G1boost=simple(C*inv(eye(2)*s-A)*B1); G2boost=simple(C*inv(eye(2)*s-A)*B2);
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Unformatted text preview: G pretty(G1boost) pretty(G2boost) p VVs=9; VVo=12; RR=10; LL=200e-6; CC=220e-6; UU=0.25; T1boost=(-VVo/RR/CC/(1-UU))*tf([1 -RR*(UU-1)^2/LL],[1 1/RR/CC (UU-1)^2/LL/CC]); T2boost=(1-UU)*tf(1/LL/CC,[1 1/RR/CC (UU-1)^2/LL/CC]); T bode(T1boost,'r',T2boost,'b'); b...
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